An awesome free browser-based MMORPG

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An awesome free browser-based MMORPG

Message par amanda0028 » mer. août 20, 2008 10:08 am

PKVE announced the launch of a new server (Taurus) for their browser-based MMO castle-building game The Legacy of Holy Castle. Along with the new server launch, there are several new events coming. The game is fairly new, just released on June 2008. There are over 100,000 people now playing this game. Thats an amazing number of players in such a short time. I am playing the game and like it very much! It’s really a good way to kill time and spark my mind. I am one for the Top 10 Heroes in the tournaments. Welcome to challenging me, my char name is Wolf, click here to join

Review of The Legacy of the Holy Castle

Well first of all i am an fan of strategies games and real time browser games. I been playing a many browser and strategies games in the internet for years like 5 years i guess. I been searching for games that just a castle and a hero that protects it. I have games which are LAN games like the The Legacy of the Holy Castle.
I find out this game (The Legacy of the Holy Castle) in other game (godsoftime), so in short I register right way and read the guides, so eventually i stop all my other online games and concentrate playing this game.
The best part of game is the adventure quest were your heroes fight and get items, gold, wood. Well for me without it, this game is just other ordinary game that I have or had played for years. Because i am a fun of movie and in movies heroes are great, without heroes troops well just become a ordinary troops, even how strong the troops are, without a leader to led they will be nothing and can be easily crush and destroyed.
For me the best defense and attack troops are Hoplite and archer, well i got this from the movie the gladiator (not really show in the movie, but i had this game, Rome Total War), the hoplite well in Rome units they called Legionnaire. Legionnaire are the strongest and most feared units well i think. more like in the movie 300 were the troops are composed of 300 hoplite and crush many troops and with a good leader or a hero and a king.